Sunday, 17 January 2016

Some Things I Struggle To Accept

You live in Wales, it's going to rain practically every day. Especially this time of year.

If you get up ten minutes prior to when you leave the house, your make-up and hair is not going to be perfect. 

Not everybody will like you, and that's not so bad. 

If you leave having a shower until after your brother has had one, you will have about three minutes before the water turns stone cold.

If you are kind, that kindness will not always be returned. 

You can't be good at everything, nobody is. 

Some people would be grateful for your "bad days."

The past and future is next to irrelevant now, focus on the present. 

If you want to get something done, drinking tea under your duvet will probably not help. 

If you lie in bed until twelve 'o' clock, you're going to struggle getting to sleep the next night.

Grades are not everything.

...However you should probably revise for your maths exam tomorrow now...

What do you struggle to accept?
Thank you for reading!