Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What Makes Me Happy?

What makes me happy? What makes you happy? Happiness is a fundamental thing in all of our lives, and therefore when I saw that I was tagged by the lovely Sophia to do the "Happy Tag" I could not resist. 


Cwtch - Welsh, a cuddle or hug.
Cosy - A feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation. 
Epiphany - A moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.
Felicity - Intense happiness.
Plethora - A large amount of something. 
Ripple - A small wave.
Sumptuous -  Splendid and expensive looking.


Childhood favourites:
The Magical Faraway Tree // Enid Blyton
The Famous Five Books // Enid Blyton
Hetty Feather // Jacqueline Wilson
Matilda // Roald Dahl

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone // JK. Rowling
The Shopaholic Series // Sophia Kinsella
All I Know Now // Carrie Hope Fletcher
The Naturals // Jennier Lynn Barnes


Mum's chocolate brownies baking
Freshly cut grass 
Wood burning
Old books


Childhood favourites:
Mary Poppins
The Sound of Music

We'll Take Manhattan
The Glass Virgin
Pride and Prejudice
Kinky Boots 


Pretty dresses
Fluffy socks
Floppy hats
The stroking tick of grandfather clocks 
National Trust houses
Long drives at night

Thank you for reading. What makes you happy?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Writing Process

Sits down, brushes hair back. 
Game face on, you are going to write a good post this week. 
But what do I write about?
Beauty? Inspiration? Lifestyle? 
...I need a cup of tea... 
Sits back down.
...And a biscuit... 
Right, come on. You were doing so well last week.
Hair is far too distracting. 
Puts it in a ponytail, sits back down. 
Glasses, where are you?
Puts glasses on.
Now you have no excuses, write something! 
Writes title, and first two lines. 
Great, now what next?
I don't have a clue. 
Deletes previously typed words. 
It's been half an hour and you are still sitting in front of a blank post. 
Searches Pinterest for inspiration. 
Ends up pinning more than a few photos - they're definitely too good not to... 
Closes the Pinterest tab.
Now, what are you going to write?
Starts typing, finally. 

What is your writing process?
Also, I'm thinking of doing a Q&A post next week, please comment with your questions!