Saturday, 18 June 2016

A Fresh Start

I am back. 

I have emerged from piles of school books and notes, empty tea-stained mugs and the boredom of never ending revision. The light is eventually in sight, on the horizon waiting for me to grab once I finish my one.last.exam on Tuesday.

I am determined to make this a summer to remember and have therefore decided to do what I do best, make a list.

Summer - Aims & Aspirations

Learn to photograph in manual mode 
Improve my blog and content
Get a decent tan (I'm so pale at the moment I would blend in with a heap of snow.)
Start running
Keep a summer journal
Eat more greens and fruit!
Visit London again 
Get better at sailing
Print photographs
Relax, actually relax
Host a party to remember to celebrate birthday/end of exams
Write at least one collaboration post
Purchase a smock dress
Learn how to contour without looking a mess!
Travel as much as humanely possible
Read, Read and Read
Get better at cooking
Write more
Bake a cake
Meet new people
Spend at least half of my summer on the beach/in the sea

There is plenty more, but I think I'll leave it there.
What would you like to achieve this summer?