Sunday, 21 August 2016

15 Blog Post Ideas

We've all suffered from the dreaded writer's block, where we simply don't know what to write and no matter what we do, no ideas bloom. Therefore I thought I'd write a few ideas for an event such as this... refer back to it when you need to!


What's in your bag? How do you organise it? This could be a school bag or one you use for work/daily.

Interview a fellow blogger, perhaps one who has a similar blog to you so you can guarantee your readers will be interested!

Share your goals for the future. These could be for your lifetime, the next year, month... or even the next week!

Why did you start your blog? Share your reasons and review your progress up until now.

What have you been loving/using a lot this month?


What steps do you take to keep your skin clear and healthy?

Share your daily makeup routine. 

What simple hairstyles do you use when time isn't on your side?

What makeup products have you been loving recently?

What product empties have you got, and keep returning to buy again?


Every family has a recipe that has been passed down the generations. What's yours?

Recreate a recipe from Pinterest and see how it compares to the original

Step out of your comfort zone and use an ingredient you haven't used before. Did it work?

Bake with a family member and record it. (This would be particularly fun with little ones!)

Review a local restaurant/place to eat. 

I hope you liked reading, hopefully it has sparked some inspiration!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

How To Keep To Your Blogging Schedule

Most of you will have experienced this... The point in your life when you're already drowning in schoolwork, super busy and just don't feel like sticking to the blogging schedule you promised your readers. Or perhaps you're not busy, but simply keep procrastinating and putting writing off because you can't be bothered and would rather watch television with a large bar of chocolate. Don't worry, I feel ya. I've been there. 

However, recently I've been trying to avoid this by using a few tips and tricks... which I thought I'd share with you!

Take advantage of those spectacular moments where you're brimming with inspiration and ideas. Write all of it down, and if you're enjoying writing - why stop? I tend to write a few posts in preparation for periods when I know I'll be busy. It works wonders, and future you will be grateful!

Put your favourite playlist on, surround yourself in fairy lights, light some candles... you get me.

Put your pyjama bottoms on, take your makeup off and surround yourself in blankets. Better? Better.

Personal favourite - large mug of tea and the biscuit tin.

If you view anything negatively/as a chore, your mind will reject it unless you're in one of those I CAN DO ANYTHING YOU THROW AT ME moods. Therefore, see it as something fun, and as a welcome relief from school/work.

I hope these tips help! How do you stay on top of your blogging schedule?

Sunday, 7 August 2016

A Few Summer Favourites


Benefit "High Beam" Highlighter // I love this highlighter. I purchased it about a year ago and forgot all about it, as I wasn't quite sure how it even worked... However, now I've discovered where to put it, it's a staple in my make-up collection!

No7 "Stay Perfect" Foundation // I'm pale. Even after spending a week in Tenerife, I'm pale. Therefore, until recently I avoided foundation as I was convinced I'd be a laughing stock with an orange face and a white everything else. However, I was then recommended this by a friend and have stuck with it ever since! The lightest shade "Calico," suits my skin tone perfectly and it doesn't cling to the dry patches on my skin... it's fabulous.


Sunglasses // I've had these sunglasses for donkey's years. I've gone through a few pairs in between, but I always come back to these. They were only a few pounds from Peacocks, and therefore considered a winner by me!

Olivia Burton Watch // I've rambled on about this watch on this blog before, so I won't go on too much... I'll just say it's the best, I look forward to putting it on in the morning and say a sad farewell at night.


Spotify // I don't have the funds to spend on music in Itunes and was stuck for an alternative. Then I discovered spotify, an app that has a lot of frustrating advertisements, however is amazing for the price (absolutely free!) and I love being able to create playlists. In fact, I'm listening to my "Relax" one right now! A few favourites are "La Vie En Rose," by Daniela Andrade and "Heartbeats," by Jose Gonzalez.

Mini Cacti // This is a weird and wonderful one, but they had to be included. My friend Katie bought these for me for my birthday and I love them. They sit happily on my window sill and I'm trying to work out how often they need to be watered in Welsh weather... Does anybody know?!

What have you been enjoying this Summer?