Tuesday, 22 November 2016

What's On My Iphone 6?

Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored in any way to write this post, these are all my own opinions!

I think we can all admit we would go on our phones less often if it wasn't for the apps they contained. Whether that's social media or something completely random...

These are some apps I'm constantly clicking on:

VSCO // You're probably aware of this one already. However, if you're not, this is an app that allows you to edit your photos. The filters are sophisticated and I love the user interface as it's simplistic and easy to use.

CLUE // Most of my readers are girls; I feel that I should share this secret with you! Clue is a period tracker app that allows you to record data like symptoms, when you started, how motivated you feel at different types of your cycle etc... It's so easy to use and a major plus is nobody would guess what app it is by looking at it. The symbol is discrete and the app is so handy to have on your phone as it gives you notifications about when you're due etc...

SPOTIFY // I mentioned this in a previous post, but my love for Spotify is increasing! I have discovered so many beautiful artists and it has allowed me to create different playlists for all sorts - from studying to dancing around the kitchen!

PINTEREST // You can't go wrong with Pinterest. It never fails to inspire me and whenever I'm bored I find myself clicking on the app and pinning to my hearts content. You can view my profile here.

ASOS // ASOS is renowned for their ability to provide the latest styles fast. I'm not much of an online shopper myself, as most pieces I try on don't fit properly! However, what lured me in with this app was how easy it is to return items. Packages come delivered with sticky labels (stamps, return address etc...) inside, and you simply pop them on the package exterior and return your unwanted items for free with a full refund. Fab!

DEPOP // I'm currently attempting to declutter my wardrobe. I've had a depop account for a long time, but have never attempted to sell items. However, one day I decided to take some photos and see what happened! I haven't had an awful lot of success yet (I've sold a few bits) but hopefully I will have more in the future! Do any of you have depop?

What are your favourite apps? I'd love a few recommendations in the comments!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Ten Things People Who Went To A British Primary School Will Understand

Primary School was a pretty rosy time for me. I attended the village school, just a five minutes walk away and lived a somewhat quintessentially British childhood in terms of education.
Here are a few things that just say "Primary School" to me, if any of you can relate, please tell me down below. I'd also be very interested in the education in other countries!

sonja langford // unmorceau.com // free under CC0 1.0 // download

1. The proud moment when you upgraded from writing with a pencil to a blue, Berol pen.

2. Once getting to the last class in the school, you felt like royalty sitting on the bench in assemblies. (The others had to sit on the floor!)

3. Making 'bird's nests' with the cut grass, once the field had been mowed.

4. Wearing a blue, checkered dress in summer, usually paired with white knee high socks.

5. Following the teacher-in-charge at lunch with current best friend in tow, so you could both ring the big copper bell to end lunch.

6. Singing the same songs in every assembly. Popular choices included "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," and "Cauliflowers Fluffy,"

7. Being asked to take a note to another teacher, and feeling that you have been challenged with taking the ring to Mordor. 

8. The thin blue mats that were meant to cushion your fall in P.E. were very deceptive. 

9. Covering your hands in PVA glue, then peeling it off once it dried was the majority of your art lessons.

10. And finally... If you didn't have everyone's signature on your t-shirt, your last day was a failure!

What do you remember about your time in lower education?