Friday, 16 June 2017

Currently: June 2017

I have again emerged from strewn papers and copious amounts of tea; I survived exam season for another year! I cannot wait to get back into blogging and enjoying the things that can be sadly put aside when dreaded exams come back to plague us.

I wasn't sure how to re-start blogging and decided on a simple 'currently...' post to update you all. I used to write these quite often but haven't in a long, long time; I guess that is about to change!

  • 'Reign' on Netflix. This is a new genre for me, it's a period drama/fantasy about the life of Mary Queen of Scots. If you enjoy a bit of cheesiness and a plot packed with action and intertwining stories, I definitely recommend!
  • 'Poldark' has restarted on BBC, which I'm so excited about; I've watched all of the previous series and the first episode was so tense... and so promising!
  • Ed Sheeran's new album... but then again, isn't everyone? My mum calls 'Nancy Mulligan' the happy song and we always sing along to it in the car. 
  • 'The Lion's Roar' album by First Aid Kit; they've been a favourite of mine for a while now. If you enjoy harmonies and the indie sorta vibe you'll enjoy these girls' music. 
  • 'Leaving London' by Steffan Argus. His whole album is great as the lyrics are so well thought out; all of the songs are centred around the story of Peter Pan. Though this one is a firm favourite!
  • For Summer clothes! I've recently been shopping with friends to celebrate the end of exams and bought some gorgeous summery pieces... perhaps I'll write a post on them. 
  • Dresses when it's hot, three-quarter jeans when it's not so! Though writing this I'm wearing pyjamas and a jumper; you can't beat comfy clothes whilst writing.
  • The fact that I've finished my exams. 
  • My new Summer dress which is floaty and floral - basically all things good. 
  • Spending time with family and friends. 
  • Blogging more often. 

What are you currently up to? I'd love to know in the comments below! x 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

We Need You To Make A Pledge

We would like you to read this and make a pledge at the end. Thank you. 

Earlier on this year both myself and Kate, a friend who also studies History with me, were lucky enough to be part of an amazing project - The Holocaust Educational Trust. 

The Trust educates people on this unimaginable event in our history, in a way that nobody else has ever attempted to do so in our own experience. 

One message really struck home with us - the re-humanisation of the event. In school, we are taught that the perpetrators involved were simply monsters, and the victims involved were simply a statistic. 


That is not the case. And nor should it be treated so. This indescribable act involved humans, and humans alone. There were no monsters with green tongues and bulging eyes; there were men, women, children, uncles, grandparents and siblings - all involved in the mass genocide we know today as the Holocaust. 

It is difficult to fathom this - we know. That every one of those millions of people who perished in the hands of Auschwitz, and across the world, were human. They all had lives, dreams, ambitions and people they held close. They were just like us. 

It is even more difficult to fathom that the perpetrators were human - we know this more than ever after visiting Auschwitz I, where a villa stands directly opposite the camp. Why was it constructed there? So one of the leading perpetrators could have his wife and family close to him. 

How do we comprehend this? 
How is a man who is responsible for the murder of millions a 'family man'? 

We need to stop providing memorial for a statistic, and start offering our respects to individuals instead. We need to re-humanise the people involved, before it is too late. 

We, as people of the modern world, also need to ensure that this does not happen again. There is a famous quote by Georg Hegel that states "We learn from history that we do not learn from history." 

We need to dispel this, and ensure that nothing of the sort happens again. 

We would both appreciate it if you would make a pledge in the comments, either stating the following or composing your own. 

"I pledge to re-humanise the Holocaust, remembering that both the perpetrators and victims were human, just like us. I pledge to educate my peers on the topic, and to play my part to ensure nothing of the sort occurs again."

If you would like any more information on this topic and what we learnt through this amazing organisation, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

What Is It All For?

As I sit, surrounded by notes and folders and essay questions and pens and paper, I think to myself; why am I doing all of this?

I've always been driven. It's a quality of mine which I take pride in. I've always been told my ambition is something I should take great credit from. I do. 

However, A-levels have introduced me to a life where there does not seem to be a balance. Yes, I go out with friends and enjoy time with loved ones, but this is heavily outweighed by writing essay upon essay, and making flashcards for the folders which are already bulging. 

So I ask myself, why am I doing all of this?

I feel passionate towards my subjects. I've always loved English, had an interest in History, a passion for Politics and a deep-routed admiration for Drama. However, I find myself so drained from work with no real goal. The only goal I really have is to be successful, to make the most of what I've been given in life. Is that enough?

I've never been the person who knows exactly what they want to do with their life. I've always loved writing and playing characters on stage, but the question of turning either into a career scares me. 

I know people who have exactly what they want to do in their mind, and are therefore working to achieve that goal. Some want to be an actress, a doctor and even an engineer. 

Perhaps it's good not to know exactly what you want to do. All I know is that I need to work hard, so I don't build boundaries that will limit my future.

So that is what I'll do. 

Do you know what you want to do with your future? Do you ever wonder what you're working for?

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Why Is Vinyl Back?

Why is vinyl back?

Since being given my Dad's old record player, my love for vinyl has grown. Then, when my grandma kindly gave me a Steepletone for Christmas 2k16, it multiplied by one hundred. 

I'm trying to work out why it's back; I think I may have cracked it. 

We live in a modern age where most things aren't there to touch. Music is stored on our phones, photos on our hard drives and story drafts on our computers. 

You can hold a record. You can read the lyrics on the back of the cover as you watch the needle read the melody.

It's not about quality of sound, it's about the aesthetically astounding authenticity that comes with holding vinyl in your hand. Its in-explainable; the crackling sound as the needle touches the record is enough to send warm fuzzies down your spine.

And that is why I think I will always love vinyl.   

Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Perfect Cup Of Tea

This is how my perfect cup of tea is made. Read carefully and make appropriate notes if necessary.

1. Place teabag in mug. Whilst doing this, stretch impossibly far and turn the kettle on. Do it with your foot if needs be, this is a process that requires correct time management.

2. Whilst kettle is boiling, obtain milk from fridge and teaspoon from drawer. Teaspoon should preferably have a substantially long handle. We don't want any injuries from burning here.

3. Fill mug with hot water, but not to the brim. This prevents spillages when stirring tea bag (you should be doing this by now) and also allows sufficient room for step six.

4. Dispose of tea bag in most environmentally friendly way possible. Food bin? Perfect.

5. Add milk, but only a little bit. Strong tea is the best tea.

6. Fill mug to the appropriate level with more hot water, thus compensating for any possible heat lost in the process from 1-5.

7. Hand mug of hot tea to a very happy me.

(No, I'm not this precise about making a cup of tea... hopefully underlying humour was detected!)

What is your favourite hot drink?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Little Things I Have Learnt To Appreciate

"It has been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important."
- Arthur Conan Doyle

Fairy lights.
A night in with nothing but a book and a cup of tea.
A smile shared with a stranger.
The company of good people.
Old music that will never become dated.
In depth conversations about life, and everything that comes along with it.
Listening to stories about relatives that you were never fortunate enough to meet.
New pyjamas.
Roast dinner, with extra gravy.
A book so good, you can't get your nose out of it.
Having perfectly painted nails, which make you feel like you've got your crap together.
Watching a film/programme that makes you question life, remember how lucky you are or just affects you in a big way.
The Beatles.
Someone pointing out you smell good - "What perfume are you wearing?"
When you get your makeup just right.
When your marks for that recent essay reflect the hours you put into it.
Tidying your room, and basking in its new squeaky-clean state with reverence.

What little things have you learnt to appreciate, or hope to in 2017?