Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Perfect Cup Of Tea

This is how my perfect cup of tea is made. Read carefully and make appropriate notes if necessary.

1. Place teabag in mug. Whilst doing this, stretch impossibly far and turn the kettle on. Do it with your foot if needs be, this is a process that requires correct time management.

2. Whilst kettle is boiling, obtain milk from fridge and teaspoon from drawer. Teaspoon should preferably have a substantially long handle. We don't want any injuries from burning here.

3. Fill mug with hot water, but not to the brim. This prevents spillages when stirring tea bag (you should be doing this by now) and also allows sufficient room for step six.

4. Dispose of tea bag in most environmentally friendly way possible. Food bin? Perfect.

5. Add milk, but only a little bit. Strong tea is the best tea.

6. Fill mug to the appropriate level with more hot water, thus compensating for any possible heat lost in the process from 1-5.

7. Hand mug of hot tea to a very happy me.

(No, I'm not this precise about making a cup of tea... hopefully underlying humour was detected!)

What is your favourite hot drink?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Little Things I Have Learnt To Appreciate

"It has been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important."
- Arthur Conan Doyle

Fairy lights.
A night in with nothing but a book and a cup of tea.
A smile shared with a stranger.
The company of good people.
Old music that will never become dated.
In depth conversations about life, and everything that comes along with it.
Listening to stories about relatives that you were never fortunate enough to meet.
New pyjamas.
Roast dinner, with extra gravy.
A book so good, you can't get your nose out of it.
Having perfectly painted nails, which make you feel like you've got your crap together.
Watching a film/programme that makes you question life, remember how lucky you are or just affects you in a big way.
The Beatles.
Someone pointing out you smell good - "What perfume are you wearing?"
When you get your makeup just right.
When your marks for that recent essay reflect the hours you put into it.
Tidying your room, and basking in its new squeaky-clean state with reverence.

What little things have you learnt to appreciate, or hope to in 2017?